Please read these Terms of service

As a small business, it is our belief in a quality handmade product that ensures a happy client. We are geared towards corporate gifts as fun, functional stress relievers and we would like to remind you that all our products are made to specified orders. We have specialized in producing our own uniquely brandable kaleidoscopes from start to finish since 1996.

For orders of less than 100, we take a minimum of 10 days to produce your scopes from confirmation via an internet transfer of 50% deposit of total amount due on the invoice. For order ‘s of  150 units and more, we require a minimum of 20 to 60 working days from confirmation of order via an EFT,  of the 50% deposit of total amount due.

All prices are subject to change. All quotes are valid for 10 working days from the date of issue. All prices quoted above do not include delivery fee and exclude Vat. Ensure that the email is clearly marked with this order number and all delivery details are marked clearly. Parcels can be collected, or if you would like us to send them via overnight couriers; they deliver within 24 hours, and do not work on weekends and public holidays. Payment arranged through

We work on CBD – cash before delivery. All kaleidoscopes remain the property of Colour Vision, and no part of any order will not be handed over until the total amount due has been paid in full via EFT into the Colour Vision account as per the invoice.


Thank you