Oil Kaleidoscope

Sorry to hear the tube broke. But dont worry we supply a wide range of different coloured tubes for you to choose from. Including the rainbow one your kaleidsocope came with. Simply contact us or buy a new tube from our online shop and we will get one off to you asap

Yes you can. Your kaleidoscope can be looked at facing fire light, a candle, a lamp, any light source will create the magical images to come to life.

Yes you can. Ideally before you use your kaleidscope after anyone else has used it. Clean the eye viewer from any grease from all views eye lashes. Run the tube under cold water to clear any energy so its a clean slate

When you need it use it. When you first get it try and use it twice a day for 2 weeks so your brain and eyes get used to the power of the images. Use for a minimum of 1 min on each eye. Max as much time as you have available

To keep your kaleidoscope in good working order over year to come, store in a dry place on a padded surface and handle gently. Any long exposure to moisture will deteriorate your kaleidoscope quicker

To clean your kaleidoscope breath onto the lense side like you do to clean glasses and gently whip with a clean dry cloth

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