The Official Fun Eye Exerciser™ is one of the most effective and engaging ways to preserve and revitalize the health and vitality of our eyes, re-enlivening the activity of our eyes using the power of colour. Too often our eyes are forced to retain the same focusing distance for long periods of time, Driving, Reading, Engaging the digital age of flat screen information, this isn’t good for the eyes.


Over the last 4 decades many alternative methods have been successfully implemented to help treat various eye disorders more holistically using the active ‘more hand on’ approach. William Bates is the most well-known for this with his techniques including sunning, movement, gazing and visualization. Vision Training in general follows a few basic principles to strengthen the eyes; Take breaks, reduce glare, adjust contrast, adjust peripheral indicators, adjust colour and use full spectrum lighting.


More recently ophthalmologist and vision therapist Dr Jacob Lieberman has written several books including ‘take of your glasses and see’ and more recently ‘ Light, medicine of the future’ and has also had successful results with his machine ‘the Eye Port. Both of these vision therapists were able to cure their own eye disorders using these techniques. They also both used the colours red and blue in their treatments. These two colours work with the rods and cones of the eyes. Theo Gimbel goes into great detail on this in his book ‘Form, sound, colour and healing’. Lara Light the mind behind the Fun Eye exerciser, a colour therapist from Johannesburg, has been making kaleidoscopes since 1991 and after experiencing her own improved vision stopped wearing her glasses in 1996 and after doing more in-depth research started using them in her treatments in 2005 and now in 2013 is launching The Official Fun Eye Exerciser.


Conventional optometry treats eye problems such as ‘Amblyopia” or lazy eye with glasses. The Bates method suggests a routine of wearing an eye patch over the stronger eye to allow the weaker eye to work. That all muscles will strengthen with exercise. We suggest taking your glasses off to use the Fun Eye Exerciser and putting them back on afterwards. While looking through the Fun Eye Exerciser you close the other eye, which allows the eyes to exercise independently. When looking through the exerciser with your weaker or lazy eye the image may at first appear blurry and your eyes may water as the muscles pull but as the eye exercises it may become clearer.


The Fun Eye Exerciser™ uses a mirrored prism and natural colours to guide and gently exercise the eyes. Looking through a kaleidoscope you are not looking at a flat surface, the image you see is created as the light travels up the mirrors. The image moves either towards or away from you as you turn the exerciser over, the eye follows this movement by contracting, relaxing and refocusing thereby exercising depth perception and peripheral vision. Additionally the Light coming into the eye is taken in by photoreceptors, called rods and cones at the back of the eye. This fine colour sensitive tissue is taken to extremes when looking at blue and red. These two colours make the eyes focus in totally different ways, so strong concentration on each colour with each eye for 2 minutes will exercise the eye as a whole and revitalize the iris.



The Kaleidoscope has always been seen as a toy, but research into the inventor, Sir David Brewster an optical engineer from Scotland found that he came across the design in 1816 while conducting experiments with polarized light using gold and silver reflective surfaces. Reflective symmetry has always been popular in decorative art such as stained glass windows, mosaics mandalas patchworks labyrinths and artists, and more so recently research has been done on the use of symmetrical patterns and colour for mental relaxation and learning how to operate from a relaxed state of mind. The Fun Eye Exerciser works without any added effort or added stress by simply looking through with each eye (one at a time) for a minim of one full turn or 2 minutes as the gems and colours float past, you get to relax and experience a relaxed focus as you watch the creative imagery.


Research increasingly shows the importance of light upon the harmonious functioning of the human body. Qualified light, i.e. Coloured light, can be harnessed to produce specific effects. Theo Gimbel’s work showed how colours can not only change moods, but causes even physiological changes that can be measured, which affect wellbeing or the opposite. “All biochemical structures are influenced by colour, decoration is only the beginning. What is far more powerful is the use of colour in illumination. There it seems that comparatively small changes can have very big results in beneficial or detrimental influences on the environment. Colour can change the whole atmosphere of a place especially when it’s conveyed by light” Theo Gimbel


The Official Fun Eye Exerciser™ is a fun way to enliven the activity of your eyes using the power of colour while creatively engaging and focusing the mind. Each eye is an extension of the opposite hemisphere of the brain and all the information gathered by the eyes is reconstituted into an image in the occipital lobe of the brain at the back of the head. When using your eye exerciser you engage both hemispheres of the brain using colour and form to synchronize brain waves, activating the imagination and stimulating creativity.


Children and young adults need to find ways to keep their creative juices flowing, while at the same time exercising their brain and their eyes. This process is called ‘activating the imagination’, where creativity and colour can merge and dance.


Tyler DeWitt recognizes that textbooks are not the way to get young people interested in science. Instead, he teaches science by making it fun and engaging.



‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up’ – Pablo Picasso