I am a kaleidoscope artist who formed  a small craft business called Colour Vision, back in mid 2002, making my own brand of kaleidoscope manufacturing after successfully working and running The Kaleidoscope Studio in a business partnership with Turid Bergstedt based first in Grahamstown 1991 to 1996 and then, in a small town called Simons Town South Africa from 1996 to  2003.

I still make this little joy bringers today

 “It is my continued commitment and dedication to manufacturing and producing quality kaleidoscopes, using colour, crystals, recycled materials where possible. I love working on these amazing little joy bringers, creating unique one-off “kaleidoscopes, doing large corporate kaleidoscope runs or building kaleidoscope installations. Anything kaleidoscopic is just my thing”

Some highlights over the years include

Kaleidoscope Installations and displays

2m high kaleidoscope client: GHD – Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 Granger Beach, V & A Waterfront Cape Town

2m high Walkthrough kaleidoscope – Dec 2017 ‘Own the Moment, Corporate Event’ Johannesburg


Essential Living Weekend Workshop March 2010 with Samantha Lewis
Blue Jewel – The Seed Centre with Pierre and Ushka
Healing Star Gate Retreats in and around Cape Town
MR Spencer – expose yourself, Saturday 30th July 2011


Catholic School, Kaleidoscope of Care Conference DVD 2011 
Dr. Emoto SWC Ubuntu Water Tour 2010
 Spiritual Awakening Festival, Athens Greece 2009 and 2010
Light Conference on Healing Light and Sound, Cambridge University, 2002
Art of Living Festivals
Holistic Living at the Water Front
 Cape Town Celebrate Life Festivals
Schools; Waldolf, Montissoi, Sax’s, Spring Field Convent, 
various photography and Art Groups, Social and spiritual groups, festivals


The Awakening in collaboration with Lulu Erasmus,
Part of The Jewel Rising June 2010, in partnership with Sonic Weavers Production
Standard Bank National Arts Festival : Holistic Village and Drum Cafe

The Workshop

Working with glass and mirror, copper and gemstones is so rewarding

I love what I do, when needed I bring in help but mostly I create your order. Everything you see in this website has been crafted, designed and built by myself and a select few who I love working with.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

You are welcome to follow me on my brand name Lara Light to see what I get unto when Im not making kaleidoscopes