Our 3 Scope Sizes

Did you know our Colour Vision oil kaleidoscopes are celebrating 20 years this year?

 Celebrate with us, a gift that lasts for years to come

If you have purchased one of our single kaleidoscopes, then maybe add value to your gift by buying a new colour tube/wand.

These single kaleidoscopes come in 3 accessible sizes for convenience.

Mini, Medium and Large

The Mini, 18cm x 3cm is made especially to fit our small box set, ensuring a lasting scope with many years of viewing pleasure.

The Medium,  20xm cx 4cm is made especially to fit our family or large box set, should you wish to mix and match a set for yourself or as a gift

The Large,  22cm x 5.5cm is made especially to bring the magic of these images to life.


As a standard, we sell the mini size on our shop front and the medium size is supplied to our stockists, find them here. Should you like one of our Large kaleidoscopes, please contact us directly.


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