Lara Evans is a kaleidoscope artist who formed  her small craft business called Colour Vision, back in mid 2002, making her own branch of kaleidoscope manufacturing after successfully working and running The Kaleidoscope Studio in a business partnership with Turid Bergstedt based first in Grahamstown 1991 to 1996 and then, in a small town called Simons Town South Africa from 1996 to  2003. This was a transitional year as the partnership dissolved amicably. Lara ran her small one-woman kaleidoscope craft business successfully in Cape Town from 2002 to 2012, then moved to Johannesburg in 2013 and now runs her one-woman kaleidoscope manufacturing business from Fourways Johannesburg. Where she continues to deliver quality handcrafted kaleidoscopes to her regular loyal shops, corporate clients, and friends.

In Lara’s own words, “It is my continued commitment and dedication to manufacturing and producing quality kaleidoscopes, using colour, crystals, recycled materials where possible. I love working on these amazing little joy bringers, creating unique one-off kaleidoscopes, doing large corporate kaleidoscope runs or building kaleidoscope installations. Anything kaleidoscopic is just my thing”.

Find the joy of kaleidoscopes yourself

Kaleidoscopes are more than just a toy, discover this little-known fact for yourself, look through one and excite your eyes today. This optical instrument produces endless fascinating patterns based on the scientific principle of “reflected symmetry” and are the best known as stress relievers for the executives.
They make excellent corporate gifts and mind focusing tools for learners and school children, to help children study, by focusing the brain through the use of vibrations of light.

Some highlights over the years include

Kaleidoscope Installations and displays

2m high kaleidoscope client: GHD – Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 Granger Beach, V & A Waterfront Cape Town

2m high Walkthrough kaleidoscope – Dec 2017 ‘Own the Moment, Corporate Event’ Johannesburg

Presentations/ Lectures /Workshops:

Catholic School, Kaleidoscope of Care Conference DVD 2011 

Dr. Emoto SWC Ubuntu Water Tour 2010

 Spiritual Awakening Festival, Athens Greece 2009 and 2010

Light Conference on Healing Light and Sound, Cambridge University, 2002

Art of Living Festivals

Holistic Living at the Water Front

 Cape Town Celebrate Life Festivals

Schools; Waldorf, Montessori, Sax’s, Spring Field Convent, 

various photography and Art Groups, Social and spiritual groups, festivals

Cape Town, South Africa  *  December 1 – 8, 1999


Essential Living Weekend Workshop March 2010 with Samantha Lewis 

Blue Jewel – The Seed Centre with Pierre and Ushka

Healing Star Gate Retreats in and around Cape Town

MR Spencer – expose yourself, Saturday 30th July 2011 

Light shows: 

Plascon’s Anniversary Celebration, 2001

Arts Festival, Unity in Diversity, The Castle, 2004

Earth Dance 2004 to 2010

Dance Jam Cape Town, 2010

Inter-Tribal Festival, 2009


Summer of Love Festivals, 2002

Corporate Event, Spier, 2004

Vortex Music Festival, 2009

Zinzi KZN Music festival May 2011

Smoking Dragons Woman’s Festival KZN, 2011

So Up From London to Cape Town, Music Launch Cape Town,2011

Soulspace Presentation 3rd Oct 2015


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