Lara Evans started  Colour Vision,  in 2002 after successfully working and running The Kaleidoscope Studio in a business partnership with Turid Bergstedt based first in Grahamstown 1991 to 1996 and then, in a small town called Simons Town South Africa with Turid Bergstedt from 1996 to 2003.

It is our continued commitment and dedication to manufacturing and producing quality kaleidoscopes, using colour, crystals, recycled materials where possible. Other ranges include PVC, brass and copper scopes.
Kaleidoscopes are more than just a toy, discover this little-known fact for yourself, look through one and excite your eyes today. This optical instrument produces endless fascinating patterns based on the scientific principle of “reflected symmetry” and are the best known as stress relievers for the executives.
They make excellent corporate gifts and mind focusing tools for learners and school children, to help children study, by focusing the brain through the use of vibrations of light.

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